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1. Why Won’t My Hydrangeas Bloom

xboomgardens.com. Why won’t my hydrangeas bloom? That is a frequently asked question from the newly-gardener that just dipped into this hobby. Well, the answer is simple. If this you just planted it from the scratch, then you need to be patient because everything takes time. But if it was an old stem which you have pruned before, then you are right, I mean, there might be something wrong about the way to treat the plant. Hydrangea is kind of plant that could grow everywhere, so, it should be grow easily. But at this point, you might wonder what to feed hydrangeas to make them bloom and think about what do you do when hydrangeas don’t bloom? This is it. Be prepared for more explanation!

2. Why Won’t My Hydrangeas Bloom s

Why Won’t my Hydrangeas Bloom? A Checklist to Help!

The key to understand how the Hydrangea grows is to know the type of this plant you are growing. So far, there are several hydrangea varieties that known for their characteristic. By understanding its characteristic and a little bit knowledge about know-how and planning, you will get a better way to prepare and treat Hydrangea variety for the optimal blooms. Some of the popular varieties are Smooth, Panicle, Bigleaf, and Endless Summer Hydrangea. The last name we mentioned is the most amazing varieties because it blooms ten to twelve weeks longer than others. Also, it grows well in colder climate so your garden would always have something blossom throughout the year. And if you already planted this varieties and you still have no idea why endless summer hydrangea not blooming, let’s analyze and find out the answer with these following checklists.

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3. Why Won’t My Hydrangeas Bloom s

Why hydrangeas don’t flower

Check the Location and the Soil

The first thing you need to check is the soil. Keep in mind that the site selection is crucial because what contains in it will affect Hydrangea you are growing. The type of soil that is suitable to grow Hydrangea is Loam, which is consisted of 2/5 sand, 2/5 silt, and a narrow layer of clay. It is also crucial if you plant Hydrangea in a pot because the potted hydrangeas not blooming if it didn’t consist enough those compositions.

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4. why hydrangeas don't flower

At this point, if it doesn’t bloom at all, maybe the soil has too much nitrogen. You can reduce the nitrogen by mulching with sawdust or plant squash, corn, or cabbage nearby because those plants absorb nitrogen on the soil. Also, I’ve got a lot of question like ‘do coffee grounds make hydrangeas bloom?’, which is not actually true. Remember that the coffee grounds only affect their color because it adds acidity to the soil around Hydrangea.

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Check the Fertilizer

The fertilizer is important for any plants because it helps them grow healthier and better. But, too much fertilizer is also bad for the plants because it would ruin their metabolism process. In Hydrangeas’s case, the fertilizer often makes the leaves healthier and bigger, not the flowers. So, you need the right fertilizer that contains high percentage of phosphorus. The phosphorus for hydrangeas will boost the bloom productions.

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5. my hydrangea has never bloomed4

So, what to feed hydrangeas to make them bloom? It would be better if you choose granular, slow-release fertilizer with 25-10-10 phosphorus ratio to encourage pink blooms. Also, the timing is important because Hydrangeas blooms depend on the current weather too. The expert says that the best time to fertilize hydrangeas is in the late winter or the early spring.

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Check the Way You Prune Hydrangeas

Last but not least, the way you prune could affect why the endless summer hydrangea not blooming at all. This is why we explain about the type of the hydrangeas varieties right before the checklist item. It is because each the Hydrangea varieties require different pruning categories. In this case, the Endless Summer Hydrangea needs to be pruned as soon as the flowers begin to fade. It means that you don’t need to prune it every day. Just enjoy what blooms right in front of you and check whether the flowers begin to fade or not. If you find out one flower that fades away, then that’s what you need to prune that day!

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6. why won't my hydrangeas bloom

I know that as the newly-gardener that wants to treat the plants very well, you don’t want to miss a single flower or twig pruned incorrectly. But sometimes this feeling leads to the wrong action. As the result, you remove the potential blooms that could make you ask yourself again ‘why won’t my hydrangeas bloom?’ because you just removed the potential buds. So if you want to shape the plant, just make sure you are not over-prune it or you will get less blooms for the next season.

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Those are the 3 checklists that you should do after questioning yourself ‘why won’t my hydrangeas bloom?’ even though you think that you have given extra care over your Hydrangeas.

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