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Why are my tomatoes splitting Tomatoes are one of the easiest plant to grow in the garden. For the new gardeners, the tomatoes are the best option to test their basic knowledge at the backyard because these plants are easy to grow. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a greenhouse yet, growing tomatoes in a pot is just fine. But just like any other plants, tomatoes have common issue regarding their life cycle. One of the most common problems is splitting or cracking tomatoes. Why are my tomatoes splitting? People like to ask themselves that question. Now, I ask you, why do tomatoes split after picking? I don’t want to mess around, let’s just find out the answer!

Why Are my Tomatoes Splitting?

Again, you might ask ‘why are my potted tomatoes splitting?’ because you are new in this field. But it is alright because it means you are going to learn something new. Once you can solve this problem, you can start to think another plant to grow. The answer is simple; let’s imagine the tomatoes are your stomach which is needs water and food to keep the moist and full. We eat food to keep the stomach filled with food and makes us full and the tomatoes need water too consume. But when the stomach and the tomatoes don’t get enough food, the stomach and tomatoes will feel unwell.

why do tomatoes split after picking

The fruit cracking in tomato due to deficiency of water and is because of the fluctuation of the temperatures. When we were starving and we ate too much food, the stomach will start to hurt. This fluctuation also happens in your tomatoes. It’s been very dry and all of a sudden the tomatoes get excessive water from rain. The inside of the skin grow faster than the outer skin so tomatoes cracking on the top and the skin damaged. Just like our stomach that all of a sudden filled with too much food. Lucky it doesn’t crack just like the tomatoes!

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The tomatoes splitting in greenhouse, actually it happens everywhere, is actually a common problem that requires a simple solution. When you see the tomatoes do split, it would be better if you harvest them as quick as possible in order to prevent it from rotting or parasites. It is safe to eat tomatoes cracking on the top as long as you cook them right away because they will not last long even though you place them in the refrigerator.

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Preventing Tomatoes from Splitting

Even though it is not a serious problem, we need to prevent this issue from happening in the future. We can start by choosing crack-free tomatoes varieties, such as the Big Beef, Blondkopfchen, Chianti Rose, or the Golden Tomato. And if you already chose different varieties, you can prevent the tomatoes from cracking by doing these tricks!

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Water Regularly

During the hot summer time, it would be better to increase the watering for 2 or 3 days. Just make sure that you do the deep watering, not just at the ground level that will reduce the effect of fluctuation of the temperature.

water plants regularly


Give the tomatoes plants 3-inches layer of mulch, an organic mulch such as the shredded bark or pine needles are better. It will help to keep the soil moist and keep the water longer.

4. mulching plants

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Pay Attention to the Weather

When you feel that a major rainstorm is coming and the tomatoes are almost ripe, that day is the right time to harvest the tomatoes before they get extra moisture from the rain. Tomatoes are magic fruit because it will ripen off the vine as long as you put them in the right place.

5. tomato weather


One of the keys to prevent tomato stem cracking or its fruits splitting is providing drainage when you plant them in raised gardens. The drainage will ensure the water from the rainstorm flow to other area and not overwhelm the plants.

6. tomato Drainage

What Makes Cherry Tomatoes Skin Tough?

After we finished with the ‘why are my tomatoes splitting’ question, some gardeners don’t think about the thickness of the tomatoes skin until they cook or eat the fruits. Some of tomatoes varieties have tough skins that become its characteristic. But the way we plant the tomatoes, watering and temperature, is another thing that can cause tomatoes have tough skins.

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7. Cherry Tomatoes Skin

When the plant doesn’t get enough water, it will develop fruit with thick and tough skins. It is a survival reaction of the plants as they need thick skins to protect and hold the water inside the fruits. So, in the prolonged drought, make sure you keep them watered regularly. That survival reaction also plays a huge part when the temperature is hot. In order to conserve the water, the skin grows thicker to prevent sunscald.

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Now you understand what makes cherry tomatoes skin tough and please stop asking ‘why are my tomatoes splitting’ because you know how to prevent it!

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