No ratings yet. Tomatoes are one of the most popular plants for the newly gardener that want to start with something easy. Yep, it doesn’t have to be genius to plant a healthy tomato. As long as you plant tomatoes in the sunny spot, give enough water and fertilizer, and prune them a few times throughout their lives, the plants will grow and yield tasty fruits. But just like other plants, the tomatoes also have some growth problems that might threaten their lives. One of the most common issues is the white spots on tomatoes leaves. What is this white or yellow spots on tomato leaves? Is it caused by pests? Let’s find out the answer!

yellow spots on tomato leaves
yellow spots on tomato leaves

Yellow and White Spots on Tomatoes Leaves

At some point of your journey planting tomatoes, you might encounter some tiny white spots on tomato leaves and you start to realize that there might be a problem with your plants. The yellow or white spots are common tomato leaf problems that can make the plants vulnerable. The leaves play a huge part in photosynthesis because they will turn the sunlight into the fuel to keep the plants fed and gro. The tomato leaves also protect the plants from sunscald during the hot summer time. The fact that there are some holes in tomato leaves can cause a bad result for its production. The worst case scenario is that your plant died before you can harvest the tomatoes.

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holes in tomato leaves
holes in tomato leaves

You might start to blame tomato plant pests because this is also one of the most common problems. But the real thing is that the deformed tomato leaves caused by fungal disease. Powdery Mildew tomato is what causing the leaves have white spot. This fungal disease is also affecting other plants and in this case, you need to take cares the plants very soon before it is too late or else all your plants died. It starts with the white spots on the stems and it could lead to the foliage that can cause a super massive leaf loss.

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tomato plant pests
tomato plant pests

Other fungal disease that could threaten your tomato plants is Sequoia leaf spot. It is also a fungal disease that could ruin the whole garden if not taken seriously. So, both Powdery Mildew and Sequoia leaf spot must be resolved to keep the plants healthy.

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Guide to Treat White Spots on Tomato Leaves

Once you find out the white spots on tomato leaves, you need to take action before it is too late. You can start with hand-picking the white leaves in order to prevent the powdery mildew to spread to all leaves. Cut the leaves and examine the plants whether there are any signs of other fungal diseases. And if you have a lot of tomato plants, it would be better to do mass-checking to make sure that this fungal disease wouldn’t destroy the whole garden.

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At this point, you might want to try insect spray for tomato plants. Anyway, what is best insect spray for tomato plants? Well, there are many products but the truth is the only thing you need is the fungal spray. You can use Potassium Bicarbonate sprays that available in the gardening stores or make a homemade spray by mixing 1 tsp baking soda, 1 drop liquid soap, and 2 gallons of water. Pour them in some bottles and start to coat the whole tomato plants. Make sure the stems, upper and lower leaf surfaces coated with the chemical.

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insect spray for tomato plants

Tomato Plant Diseases Curled Leaves

Other than Sequoia leaf spot and Powdery Mildew, the tomato plant disease curled leaves are also very dangerous. You need to know the sign of the Leaf Curl Virus in order to prevent them infected your garden. And you need to know how to treat so you can solve the problem and stop this viral infection. This virus is transmitted from the whiteflies or the infected transplants. It takes at least 3 weeks before the symptoms develop and this is good because you have time to fight back. One of the indicators is the yellowing and curling leaves. The flowers won’t develop and the plants start to drop off. As the result, the fruit production is reducing significantly. At this point, you need to remove the infected plants as soon as possible because there is no proven cure.

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tomato plant diseases curled leaves

The best thing you can do is preventing the disease spread to other plants around if you have any plants other than tomatoes. To prevent this viral infection happen, it would be better to choose the best varieties that will go through any pests or diseases. Plus, you need to protect the garden from whitefly and keep the vicinity free from weeds that can attract the pests. That way you won’t find any yellow or white spots on tomatoes leaves that can make you frustrated and unhappy. That’s a wrap!

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