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1. What does Phosphorus do for Plants – In gardening, there are a lot of things we need to know in order to make sure all the plants grow healthy. From preparation to plantation, there are many aspects we need to master if we want to succeed. One of the most important things we should to be good at is the fertilization. This is crucial activity that we have to do at least once a month to make sure that the plants get enough nutrients that will support their life cycle. Talking about fertilization, you might hear about phosphorus before, which usually commonly found in fertilizers. But, what does phosphorus do for plants?

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Just like humans who have needs, plants also need food sources as nutrients that support life. If humans consume food which is then changed during the body’s metabolic processes to be used as an energy source to support daily activities, plants also have a metabolic cycle that is more or less the same as humans. It is just that plants need different sources of food which is usually available in the soil where they live. The nutrients contained in the soil are absorbed and then used in the process of photosynthesis and growth of flowers, leaves, or fruit. How do plants get phosphorus? What if the soil they live doesn’t provide enough phosphorus and other nutrients that required?

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To answer the question at the end of the last paragraph, it’s us, yes, we are the gardeners, are the people that responsible to ensure the plants get what they need in order to produce healthy fruits, flowers, and leaves. We need to use the right fertilizer, which is the sources of phosphorus for plants, that contains substance that needed by the plants. The fertilizer is also containing different matter that needed by the plants, such as Nitrogen and Potassium. That’s why in the bag of the fertilizers are written NPK, which is short for Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K).

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3. plants that like high phosphorus

The fertilizer is not the only sources of phosphorus for plants because this substance is also available in several organic resources. In gardening, the term ‘organic’ means natural which is believed will give the same benefits without adding the shortage for the plants. If you want to give organic phosphorus for the plants, you can give pulverized rock phosphate. This manure is slow-releasing phosphorus for many years. Also, certain manures usually contain some potassium and nitrogen so it is good source of nutrients for the plants.

What does Phosphorus do for Plants?

So, what does phosphorus synthesis in plants? And what if the plants lack of phosphorus that urges you to know the treatment for the deficiency of phosphorus in plants? During the photosynthesis process, the phosphorus works like magic because it controls and distributes the energy and then store the energy in sugars and starches, which is an essential element in every metabolic process. The plant will lose its ability to convert the nutrients into something they need if they don’t have enough phosphorus.

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How do you know that your plants are lack or get enough phosphorus? It is very simple, actually. If your plants grow under the average size, or have little or even no flowers whatsoever, and they have weak root systems, it safe to say that your plants have phosphorus deficiency. If you one of these symptoms, it would be better if you replace the phosphorus in the soil immediately. When it comes about the phosphorus deficiency in plants treatment, you need to choose the fertilizer that has a high Phosphorus substance. It is easy to spot one because you need to find fertilizer that has P-value, remember the NPK abbreviation we mentioned before!

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Make sure you give enough phosphorus for the plants or it could turn into pollutant that will ruin their metabolism. The desirable phosphorus levels in soil ppm is 40 to 60, so please be advise in using the fertilizer with the high P-value because only a few plants that like high phosphorus while some of the plants would die if they have too much phosphorus in the soil they live.

How to Fertilize the Garden Organically

If you are new in this field and you have no idea about what fertilizer suits your plants, it would be better if you choose organic material to provide nutrients for the plants. To give the Nitrogen that needed, you can use manures from the ground up animal parts, such as feather dust or blood meal. Or you can use seed meals such as Soy Bean and Cotton Seed which has high concentrations of nitrogen.

Meanwhile for the Potassium source, you can use wood ashes or granite that could provide enough Potassium for the plants. Those organic fertilizers have slow-releasing process so you don’t need to add or change the soil composition regularly. That everything you need to know about what inside fertilizer and what does phosphorus do for plants.

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