No ratings yet. Some people are very lucky because they have a very huge garden at the back of the house. Yep, a large garden is an advantage as you can grow wide range of plants that fit your plans. Also, you can grow at least one giant tree that becomes the focal point of the garden. And it doesn’t matter what size yard you have, there’s a colorful type of maple tree that will fit your garden! Unfortunately, some people experienced a bad thing growing maple tree. One of the most common things is the red dots and black spots on maple leaves. What is it? How to treat red dots on maple leaves? Is this dangerous? Let’s find out everything about any of those!

Red, White, and Black Spots on Maple Leaves

The Red and Black Spots on Maple Leaves

Almost all types of the maple tree have disease that will damage the tree. In this case, the black spots are the fungus disease that known as Tar Spot. This disease sometimes infects the Norway maple and Crimson King. Freeman’s and Silver maple is also vulnerable to the black and red spots too. The good news, the disease that infected the leaves has no big impact on the overall health of the tree. The black spots might cause an early leaf drop but at some points, it is good because the tree has natural fertilizer thanks to the maple tree leaves turning black and decay that will improve the nutrients on the soil.

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How Do You Treat Black Spots on Maple Leaves?

Actually, there’s no necessity to overcome this issue but if you want to make sure that the tree is fine, you can call the certified arborist in your town that might apply some pesticide and fungicide in order to prevent the tar spot appears again in the next following year. We suggest you to call the professional just in case the leaves have more black spots or it is a prevalent problem in the vicinity. Plus, the big tree needs more effort as the fungicide has to cover every single leaf. So, instead of making this issue appears it would be better to do the prevention method.

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How Do You Treat Black Spots on Maple Leaves
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The best way to prevent the maple tar is monitoring the tree when it is still small. Use enough pesticide and fungicide in order to prevent the tar spot appear. Also, you need to rake and destroy the falling leaves under the tree in order to prevent the black spots on leaves.

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Red Dots on Maple Leaves

Just like the black spots on maple leaves in spring, the red dots on the maple leaves have no huge impact on the tree’s health. We know that aesthetically, the red dots on the green leaves ruin the beauty of the great maple leaf. So, what are these red dots?

Red Dots on Maple Leaves

The red dots on maple leaves are known as Maple Bladder Gall, which sometimes can be found on the surface of the leaves. They appear as round or elongated pouch on the short stem. At first it has green tone before it turn into bright red and finally black. The galls will not affect the tree’s health but it can’t be cured. So, preventive treatments are recommended to stop what causing maple bladder gall appears.

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White Spots on Maple Leaves

Another fungal disease that sometimes infected the maple leaves is the powdery mildew, which is common fungal disease that covers the leaves with white patches. Once the tree is infected, the leaves will drop early or it becomes twisted. On some maple trees, the spots cause the leaves turn into yellow-ish. The powdery mildew appears in the warm season when the weather is humid and the nights are cold. Even though the white patches are unsightly, the tree is fine as it won’t affect the overall health.

White Spots on Maple Leaves

The best way to prevent the white spots on maple leaves is simple, when you see the white spots on the leaves, stop applying nitrogen fertilizers because it will increase the production of foliage that give more medium for the fungi. Reduce the watering in late evening as it will improve the humidity level on the vicinity.

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Whether you live in Illinois, Wisconsin, or Michigan, the maple tree still have a big chance to be infected with fungal disease such as those red, white, or black spots on maple leaves. The prevention is the key because this kind of disease can not be cured, even if so it will cost you a lot of money unless the tree is still small.

From now on, make sure you understand what kind of maple tree that lives in your garden. It will help you to understand the characteristic and how to treat the tree correctly. Make sure they get enough fertilization and perfect humidity level to prevent the black spots on maple leaves.

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