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xboomgardens.com. Have you ever thought to build your own potato tower? Good news, because you can do it yourself using some pallets as the base material. While there are a lot of other methods that people prefer, this is one of the ways that is popular to grow potatoes on your own. If you choose to use pallet potato planter, you are opting for a way to grow potatoes in deep containers. In this case, the container is made out of pallets.

By using pallet container for planting potatoes, you are going to save a lot of space on your garden. Not just that, by using containers you are going to create an overall garden look that is tidy and neat. Yes, your garden needs to be aesthetic and pleasing the eyes too, doesn’t it? In this article we are going to discuss about how you can build your own planter, why you should use this way, what is the best way to grow potatoes in a small space as well as tips and tricks that will save you a lot of time!

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Growing Potatoes Pallets Style

Growing Potatoes Pallets Style

First, you need to understand the overall idea of growing potatoes on a large, deep container. Pallet potato planter is still different than the usual ways of growing potatoes. To picture it, you are creating a container in which you put the potatoes on the bottom. Then, as the potato plants grow taller, you will need to add more soil until the height has been doubled or tripled. As the depth of the soil increases, it will also provide a bigger space for the potatoes to grow. Therefore, the potatoes can grow better with the increase of space volume.

From there, you can find that the deeper your soils are, you are going to get more potatoes because there is more room to grow. But, remember that is not the only aspect in growing potatoes successfully. The other factor that will increase the likelihood of success for you is to give enough exposure of light. Remember to put just enough, not much and not less. That is also part of the reason why you use pallets that have some spaces in between the woods. The reason of that is to give it enough sunlight, but not too much.

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Why Use Pallet Potato Planter

pallet potato planter

By now you already know that using this type of deep container will provide more space to your yard while making everything look neat. Let’s look at the other reason why you should use pallet as your base material to grow the potatoes. This material is used because it is readily available everywhere. Sometimes, it could even be free! You can find pallets for free and turn it into a repurposed project. This has been done by a lot of people, so why not try it?

One thing that you should note when choosing pallet as your material is to know whether the pallets are safe or not. Some pallets are treated with chemical called Methal Bromide. This chemical is used for pallets to kill insects. To know if the pallets have been chemically treated, you can look for a stamp. The stamp that you might find is MB for Methal Bromide or HT for heat treated. Your plants will be safe if you use pallets that are stamped HT.

Steps to Follow

First, you need to build your own potato box tower. To create this you are going to need several wooden boards and some wood screws. Then, stack them to become a box. Save some boards because as the vines of your potato plants grow taller, you’re going to need another board to make it higher while also adding more soil. You will be repeating this step throughout the growth of your plant. Then, once the potatoes are ready to harvest, you can simply remove the screws. Start from the bottom board to directly take the potatoes and replacing them with soil. The next time you want to harvest your potato, you can remove another board.

Now that you have the idea how the pallet potato planter works, let’s talk about how you grow potatoes from the seeds. First thing you have to do is to get some seed potatoes or untreated organic potatoes. If you are thinking of using potatoes you buy from groceries, it is not advisable because they are often treated. Then, to prepare them for gardening, cut them into pieces. Don’t use this right away. You should allow them to dry out for a couple of hours or a day. This way, you are reducing the moisture inside the potatoes to that your potatoes don’t get mold easily.

Start building your potato box with the pallets. Then, add composted soil mixture inside, around 10 inches height. Put your potatoes there and cover them with more soil. Keep repeating this until you have layers of potatoes. You can add straws while doing this to keep moisture inside the soil. On your harvesting day, you can then take the pallets one by one and dig the soils for a ready to be cooked potatoes!

Pallet Potato Planter Tips

As you are doing this yourself, you might want to know a couple of tips that could increase the success rate of your project. First tip is to choose the right potatoes to be planted. Choose potatoes that are already on their late season so that they will grow tall. Using a good quality soil and compost is also a must to allow the potato plants to grow well. The other thing is to watch how you create the deep containers. Sunshine is important for them to grow, so make sure your pallet potato planter lets your potatoes get enough sunshine. Don’t cover the plants with too many soils as well as it won’t allow sunshine to get through. 

So, those are the important things that you need to understand before doing your own DIY pallet potato planter. There are so many benefits that you can get from using it, so it will surely be perfect for your next project. If you are a newbie on gardening, then the tips and tricks above will make your next potato growing project a success!

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