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5 Organic Pest Control

Floating Row Covers

Organic Pest Control – One of the best ways of controlling pests and protecting your vegetable crops is the floating row cover. This lightweight, white, porous polyester fabric acts as an insect barrier; it lets in light, air, and water. It also stops insects from feeding and laying eggs from your crops. Row covers are great on greens, broccoli, root crops, and any crop that doesn’t need pollination by bees.

Organic Pest Control

You can buy either lightweight or heavyweight floating row cover. It is better if you use the lighter cover during summer because heavier covers can trap more warmth in your plants.

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This kind of trap is useful for mobile pests, cabbage moths, Colorado potato beetles, most aphids, Mexican bean beetles, flea beetles, squash bugs, and tomato hornworms.

Pheromone Traps

Pheromones are powerful scents that are produced by many insects. They use this scent to lure the opposite sex. Although this kind of trap is not very effective, they can be used as an early warning that there is a particular pest moving into your area. When you see a pest in your area it is time for you to put your row covers in position and apply some Bacillus thuringiensis or Bt.

Pheromone traps can be useful for insects such as diamond back moths and moths that produce armyworms, cabbage loopers, corn earworms, European corn borers, tomato pinworms, and cutworms.

Sticky Trap

This kind of trap is made up of a rigid material of a particular color that is coated with sticky substance. It is used to catch insects that are attracted to that color. This trap can be effective if it is clean and sticky. Using this kind of trap is easy just hung it at plant height and make sure that it is close to the plant.

You can buy these kinds of traps of you can simply make them. Making your own trap is easy, using any rigid material of the right color or you can spray it with paint. Cut the material to a size that you want, paint it with the correct color. The standard size for sticky trap is 4×6 inch rectangles. Cover it with a plastic bag of clingy plastic wrap, and then coat it with sticky substance like a Tangle-Trap.

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Yellow traps are attractive to pests like whiteflies, fruit flies, male winged scales, leafhoppers, fungus gnats, midges, male winged mealy bugs and leaf miners, thrips, psyllids, and winged aphids. White traps are attractive to pests like whiteflies, plant bugs, cucumber beetles, and flea beetles. Light blue traps are attractive to flower thrips, and red spheres attract the flies whose eggs hatch into apple maggots.

Insecticidal Soap

Insecticidal soap is used to control a lot of harmful insects. Before spraying make sure that you avoid hitting the beneficial insects in your garden, spray only on pests. It must come in contact with the insect while it is still liquid because it has no effect after it dries on the plants. Insecticidal soap sprays are commercially formulated and they have been tested to be safe on a variety of plants. However, it can burn some plant leaves.  Do not spray insecticidal soap on hot days, if the plants are receiving too much heat rinse the soap off. If you have hard water, mix the soap with distilled water to help the soap dissolve.

Insecticidal soap sprays are effective to pests like mites, aphids, whiteflies, and other soft-bodied insects

Neem oil

Neem oil is from the seeds of the tropical neem tree, it is nontoxic to pets and humans. Neem oil is effective to pests such as the Japanese beetles. It acts as a deterrent which stops insects from eating and mating

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