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Galium odoratum forest image
image When it comes to low growing ground cover for shade, there are so many options to choose from. Whether you want it to be low or tall, ground cover is perfect for this. You won’t get any problems on your landscape anymore. Low growing plants are the perfect carpet for your land. You won’t get any fuss with this other than feeding them.

Groundcover for dry shade is a component of park that could solve landscape problem. Inside a park, there are several components and elements. Ground cover is one of them. The question is, can you turn the ground cover into a décor? Well, there are actually some plants that are used for ground cover. These pants are specifically used as ornamental plant cover.

Usually, the type of plant that is used for this kind of purpose is dominated by small-sized ornamental plants. There are a number of references for the plants that are commonly used for this. Ornamental ground cover plants are great and there are various options you can choose. In this article, we will show you the plants that are perfect for that.

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List of Ground Covers

1. Lantanas

Lantanas image

If you decide on using Lantana plant for your park, then you are choosing a colorful one. With this, you are focusing on the simplicity of the park. It will help to show a good impression. This is because the park resembles nature. It is necessary for a house to have an open space to show the nature side of it.

Lantana plant is one of the types that are most often used as park component, mainly as low growing ground cover for shade. It is highly recommended to use Lantana plants for this among gardening services. This is because the plants are very easy to adapt in various environments and easy to maintain as well.

2. Daylilies

daylilies image
daylilies image from

Before creating a garden yourself, you must first determine the planting area. This is a very important step. Its function is to determine the coordinates of planting. The planting needs to be in accordance with the theme of the building. So, the theme of the park can be in harmony with the house.

Actually, there are several types of daylily plants that have been grown in Indonesia. But, there is one type of this plant that is most recommended, which is Daylilies. This specific lily is shaped like grass that can spread slowly. This plant is great, especially in Indonesia’s tropical climate. Usually, this flower will bloom in the summer.

3. Myrtles


Myrtle plants can only grow to a height of 50 cm. This plant is, however, available in the market size for only 7-13 cm. This type of plant is an old type of plant that still manages to survive until now. This is because Myrtle plants have the advantage of colors that are rarely possessed by other plants. This is very suitable if tused as a type of low growing ground cover for shade.

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4. Water Spider Lily

Water Spider Lily image
Water Spider Lily image

This flower is a type of plant that can be used for both potted plants and garden components. It has a very easy level of care. This beautiful flowering plant can flourish under Indonesian climate. That is usually in the flowering period in the dry season, which is certainly very suitable to be used as low growing ground cover for shade.

5. Azaleas

Azalea plants image

There are various colors and patterns when it comes to Azalea plants. There is pink, purple, white Azalea flowers stacked or non-stacked depending on what golden star ground cover you prefer. This flower genre is a type of ornamental plant that can grow easily in a place directly exposed to sunlight. These plants can grow easily in the summer.

6. Ashoka Trees

low growing ground cover for shade - ashoka trees images
ashoka trees images

This tree has a beautiful figure that makes this plant worthy of being called the queen of low growing ground cover for shade. This is because even in the dry season, this plant will emit very thick flowers. The flowers can bloom and cover all the branches that inhabit the plant. That is why this is also an excellent choice for your park.

7. Nerve Plants

low growing ground cover for shade Nerve Plants images
Nerve Plants images

Nerve plant is a variety of plant that can only grow up to 15 cm in height. The way it grows creeps with the stem and is covered with fine white fur. The leaves only have 5 to 10 cm of length with dark green and dense tissue. In other words, this plant is very suitable to be used as a low growing ground cover for shade because it has all what it takes to be one.

8. Privet Plants

low growing ground cover for shade - Privet Plants images
Privet Plants images

While the name of this plant is not quite well-known among the low growing ground cover for dry shade, it is famous for park-making services. This is because the yellow leafy plants are a component of the garden that is highly recommended by gardening services. The main reason is because the plant can adapt to any environment with ease and are also very easy to improvise.

9. Wild Petunias

low growing ground cover for shade - Wild Petunias image
Wild Petunias image

Having the ability to resist pollution and air temperature attack is one of the advantages possessed by this plant. By using it as low growing ground cover for shade, you can expect it to bloom without knowing what season it is. This is because the plant is very forgiving and can bloom in any type of season.

How to Find Low Growing Ground Cover for Shade

Ground cover plants for shade shades are perfect to compliment your garden in your own home. What you need to know is how it survives in the climate of Indonesia. You can also find ground covers that are not only pretty, but have other useful things as well such as controlling erosion. You have to find one that can also thrive in dry conditions.

The case that gardeners might find is the shady corner in the park or yard. This corner has nothing growing on them, so a plant that could cover it would be great. So, it is better to find low maintenance one. Those are wide plant selections of low growing ground cover for shade you can choose from where you can cover the shady spot of your park.

How to Choose and Plant Ground Cover

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