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keep greenhouse warm in winter

So, do not let your outdoor plants freezing during the winter season – you have to keep them alive inside your space or indoor. If you want to know how to keep greenhouse warm in winter. There are several and cheap ways to do it. If you think that you cannot grow anything during the winter season since the long and cold night will cause an extreme temperature to go down. 

You can insulate it by using bubble wrap 

Firstly, you need to insulate your home. All you need to find out is the bubble wrap. The bigger bubbles that you have, then you will get better insulation. You need to cover all the doors and windows to stop the heat goes off. After you do it, the heater should not turn on as long as you need to keep your house warm. So, this idea is actually lowering your heating costs. This way is really helpful for keep greenhouse warm in winter.

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You can use a thermostat


Ensure that you always check the temperature using thermostat. Then you can adjust the heating time to keep the temperature always sticks in the right number. You need to place thermostat or proves in any plant level for better accuracy. For the best result, you can use the heater which can be controlled in the thermostatically way. In this matter, the thermostat is very accurate so that your temperature will be always on your target. The heater cannot go longer rather than you need. It is very useful to reduce heating costs. So, while you get small walk in greenhouse then you can check their temperatures. 

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Using heaters 

A heater is so good for the greenhouses. At least you do not have to wait for it until warm-up means that it will be hot soon as you just switch it. You almost do not need it, so the operational cost is still lower as well. 

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Circulate the air inside your greenhouse 

Only using a heater is never enough – you have to ensure that the air inside your room will grow evenly. If not, you may need to get the hot or cold patches. To make the situation getting worse and this is often happening may get an inaccurate result. The solution is very simple – you only need to keep the air inside the greenhouse in a good way. That ‘s where the air circulation belongs to them Those are easy ways to keep greenhouse warm in winter.

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