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hydroponic gardening

Did you know that Hydroponic Gardening is an age old method of organic gardening?

What is it exactly and what differentiates it from traditional gardening?

Hydroponic Gardening is the method of growing plants without the use of soil. The Aztecs were the first known civilization to use this method. And today, NASA is using the same method to try and see if it is possible to grow plants without soil on Mars.

Hydroponic gardening is different from gardening using soil in that farmers or growers can produce crops all year-round despite changes in the environment. Also, this method of organic gardening eliminates the need for weeding and having to deal with the common fungus and pests encountered in a traditional garden. Because pests are minimized, the need for pesticides is also minimized.

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Nutrients are directly introduced to plants making them grow faster and more robust than soil-grown plants.

The info-graphic below will show you more interesting facts about Hydroponic Gardening as well as its benefits and disadvantages.

Info-graphic About Hydroponic Gardening

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