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pruning rose of sharon Everyone agrees that the Rose of Sharons look amazing in the perennial gardens. When it blooms, they have a bunch of beautiful attractive flowers that makes people like to plan this tree in their backyard. Just like the other hibiscus, the flower also has striking stamen which has the same color with the petals. Also, the Rose of Sharons is available in several tones, such as red, white, light blue, and even the lavender blooms. Plan the Rose of Sharon is easy, but not when it comes to pruning. How to prune Rose of Sharon? Let’s going deep!

How to Prune Rose of Sharon?

The overgrown Rose of Sharon needs extra care because you have to cut some shrubs in order to keep it beautiful. Well, pruning rose of sharon is not an easy task as you need to know the best time to cut it. Keep in mind that pruning rose of sharon tree form without damaging the tree is a thing you should do when it is overgrown. Do not even try to cut the tree when it has a little branch as they develop the new life before the blooms season. You can prune it in the late winter and in the next winter, you can cut it again. Continue this prune pattern in subsequent years till the hedge reaches at least 8-feet tall. In short, you can’t cut them as much as you can.

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How to prune Rose of Sharon

Now, follow this step by step rejuvenation pruning rose of Sharon without damaging the tree:

Cut Them in the Right Time

As what we stated before, it would be better to cut the plant in the colder months when they are in the dormant stage. This method helps the tree to stimulate the new growth when the warm weather comes. Cutting it too early or too late will damage the plant as they will vulnerable and trigger the unhealthy new growth. And this is what they mean about the rose of sharon winter kill.

rose of sharon winter kill
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Don’t Forget the Damage Wood

Also, make sure you pay attention to the branches and other elements, such as the leaves, roots, and also the color of the wood. If any branches that looks pale, rotted, or brittle, then it is okay to cut them even though there are many damaged branches because the hard pruning need to be done before it is too late and the plant damage. Leave only the healthiest and the strongest elements behind. Unfortunately, some people didn’t pay attention to any dead or damaged wood as they unnoticed. As the result, the plant got sick and even dead. So, the next time you thought that the rose of sharon is not blooming, maybe you did some mistake during the hard pruning rose of sharon.

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The Criss-Crossing Branches Too!

Other than the damaged or dead branches, the criss-crossing branches also need to be cut. It is not only about the health of the tree but the beauty too! We need to make sure the rose of sharon grow in a better shape. Also, the crossing branches will be a perfect spot for bugs to make their nests. Yes, they will dwell in your tree without paying any rent. Duh!

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Trim the Excess Grow

Keep the shape of the rose of sharon to its environment by trimming the excess growth on the each sides, the bottom, and also the shrubs in order to keep them in a fit shape. Keep in mind that it is okay to trim two-thirds of the plant’s overall size so don’t be afraid to hard pruning rose of sharon as long as it won’t damage it.

hard pruning rose of sharon

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How to Take Care Rose of Sharon Tree

Once we knew how to prune rose of Sharon, we want to make sure that you have the basic skill to take care the plant. Just like the other plants, rose of sharon needs routine care, even though it is not as often as other plants in your garden. The bud drop sometimes might be a problem with growing the plant. It happens as the tree suffers stressful condition. Yes, they can feel too! You need to make them happy by giving enough water and fertilizer so the plant will grow healthy and happy. As the result, you will see the beautiful flowers with abundant of colors.

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How to Take Care Rose of Sharon Tree

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Hence, you need to monitor the soil, the shape, and make sure that the plant doesn’t have any pest. For the soil, you need to use rose of sharon fertilizer that contains low nitrogen and keep the soil moist. And pay attention to the shape by giving yearly pruning to keep them in beautiful shape. Meanwhile for the pest, keep the beetles away and use pesticide if you need it. That’s the basic skill to keep rose of Sharon healthy and how to prune rose of Sharon.

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