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1. How to Prune Cherry Tree and When Cherry tree is one of the most popular plants that will give you plenty benefits once it is grown in the garden. The plant offers sweet fruits that you can use for cooking or cocktail dressing. Other than that, the cherry tree gives aesthetic value among other plants on your garden. Growing a cherry tree is not that hard, you just need to find the best varieties and plant the tree in sunny site. Even though the tree will start to blossom and produce fruits in 7 to 10 years, but it is worth your time. What hard is pruning sour cherry trees. You need to know how to prune a cherry tree to keep it healthy and small.

How to Prune a Cherry Tree

The point of pruning cherry tree is to make sure that it gets optimal access to sunlight. The sunlight will keep the tree healthy and prevent it from bugs and pest. Such as the Montmorency cherry varieties, for example, the montmorency cherry tree pruning will let the sunlight penetrate the tree and as the result, it gives a better fruit set. Plus, it helps the tree to have the ability to battle with any diseases.

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Meanwhile for the newly planted tree, the pruning newly planted cherry trees will let them to develop a proper form which lead to higher quality fruits in its earlier life. In the long term, the tree will be healthier as it grows in the right shape. Tree that pruned improperly tend to get upright branch that lead to limb damage and produce low quality fruits in the process.

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The Best Time to Prune Cherry Tree (All Varieties)

Before you start to cut back the tree, it would be better to know the tools and when the best time to prune cherry tree. It is important so you won’t ruin their life cycle. For the weeping cherry tree, you can prune it in the early spring or late fall when it is still dormant. At that point, the weeping cherry tree still has no leaves and flowers. That is when to prune weeping cherry. How about the regular cherry tree? Almost the cherry tree varieties have the same blossom season and you should prune them when they are dormant. Except the sweet cherry trees that would be better to be pruned in late summer.

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Pruning Old Cherry Trees

Make sure you have a sharp hand pruner, long handled lopping shears, and also the pruning saw, sterilize them in order to prevent the disease to spread from one to others. Rub the blades with alcohol and then rinse with clean water. Let them sit and dry for a while. Now, this is how to prune okame cherry tree and any other kind of cherry trees!

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2. Pruning Old Cherry Trees

You can start to prune the old cherry tree by pruning the new vertical limbs with pruning saws or loppers. It will help to promote outward growth. Prune the dead limbs or the one that has disease or dead fruits. Cut the suckers too and remove the crossed branches that sometimes interferes the sunlight. Well, actually, there are no strict rules pruning mature flowering cherry trees because you can do whatever you want as long as you can envision it as what it would look when it is leafed the next summer. That is how to rejuvenate an old cherry tree properly.

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Pruning Dwarf Cherry Trees

It is a little bit different when pruning dwarf cherry trees because you need to prune the lower extremities first. You can cut 3 or 4 inches branch and make sure the tree has round beautiful shape. Use the sharp pruning shears if it has thinner branches to prevent damage the other branches. Meanwhile for the bigger limbs, you can use the loppers. Don’t forget to get rid of the shoots on the main trunk and remove them off all.

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3. Pruning Dwarf Cherry Trees

pruning dwarf cherry trees can help the plants to produce better fruits and has better shape. Also, pruning makes the dwarf cherry healthy throughout their live. The best time to prune the dwarf cherry tree is in the late winter because they will get thicker growth in the next blooming season. That’s a wrap! That is how to prune a stella cherry tree, dwarf cherry tree, or even the younger tree.

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Tips Pruning Cherry Tree

Just like what we stated earlier, it takes trial and error to prune cherry tree because there is no strict rule. The goal is to make the tree has balanced shape so you will get aesthetic result. Doing so will keep the plants healthy and produce a better result for years to come. That is how to prune a cherry tree correctly and we hope it gives you a clear perspective before you start to cut back the branches.

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