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1. How to Prune a Lemon Tree

xboomgardens.com. When life gives you lemon, what will you do? This question never gets old. People always talk about what will they do when life gives them a lemon, which is actually absurd and make sense at the same time. Now, let’s put this case aside and talk about real thing, how to prune a lemon tree, which makes more sense because this is one of the methods to make sure the tree produces lemon as this plant blooms turn into fruit. So if you don’t have blooms, you won’t get lemons. And then life must go on!

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How to Prune a Lemon Tree

Meyer Lemon Tree is one of the most popular garden pots that give you rewarding experience. They are prolific fruit producers and the blossoms have incredible fragrant. And when it comes about the fruits, the lemon gives sweeter taste than any other kind of lemons. Even the skins are tasty and many people use them for cooking, salad, or cocktail dressing. Even though the Meyer lemon tree is not as big as the regular lemon trees, but they need to be pruned to keep the form. When you plant it on the ground, it will grow up to 10-feet tall and more, that’s why you need to know how to prune a Meyer lemon tree.

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2. how to prune a Meyer lemon tree

Pruning patio lemon trees (yep, some people also call Meyer lemon tree as patio lemon trees) will help them to produce more fruits. The experts also believe that one of the best ways to keep the tree happy is by pruning it. Also, the tree doesn’t need to be tall or big to produce fruits, just healthy. The best time to prune a lemon tree is in the early spring or early fall, cut the branches that grow upwards. If you wonder how to get lemon tree to produce, you need to remove any crossing or damaged branches and make sure you cut at 45-degree angles in order to promote new growth.

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3. how to get lemon tree to produce

In order to make sure the tree has enough air circulation and gets enough daily dose of sunlight you need to make sure you cut the area that blocks the sunlight from the center of the tree. Before fruiting, the tree needs to get enough light to help the photosynthesis. The lemon tree will not start flowering if it doesn’t get light. This way will help to prevent any mold or fungi that will risk the health of the lemon tree.

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Pruning an indoor lemon tree is very simple but tricky. Just make sure that you have sharp cutting tools so it won’t damage the other branches. Before you start, make sure the tree gets at least 6 hours of sunlight so bring it outdoor or place near a window. Start to cut the damage or unhealthy stem that will risk the health of the tree. That’s how to prune an indoor lemon tree, patio or Meyer lemon tree.

4. how to prune an indoor lemon tree

How to Prune a Lemon Tree Grown from Seed

Growing a lemon tree from seed takes patience and effort. Some say that the grown seed lemon tree takes 5 years, in some cases it takes 7 up to 14 years to bloom fruits depending on the tree. how to prune a lemon tree grown from seed is different because you don’t need excessive prune because pruning may lessen the chance of fruits. Just let the branches grow freely and hope that new life will grow out of it. But when you see stray stem or damaged branches, it is your choice to shape the tree in a particular way.

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4.1. Lemon Tree Grown from Seed

How to Make a Lemon Tree Branch Out

Another issue that makes most of gardeners frustrated is the lemon tree that won’t grow any new branches. The plant is growing well, it grows straight up but it doesn’t even branching out. It is not surprising that some people ask how to make a lemon tree branch out so they will get a new branch that increases the chance of blossom. The thing is that we don’t even know when the tree will start to branch out. It will branch out on its own. That’s how nature works.

5. Make a Lemon Tree Branch Out

But rumor has said that pinching the stem back will help to induce branching. Of course the possibility is 50:50 but it is worth to try as pinching the tree is a safe procedure. In the nature, the tree will develop a strong stem thanks to the wind. The tree will flick back and forth against the pressure of the wind and as the result, it develops a firm trunk.

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Now you know how to prune a lemon tree, either it is indoor or outdoor. Let’s just make everything clear that pruning is good but it is not necessary as long as your tree is healthy.

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