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spider plant care The Spider Plant has a Latin name, Chlorophytum comosum. This plant originates from tropical African regions. This plant is also a bush plant. Spider Plant is very suitable as an ornamental plant in the garden. Besides as plants that beautify the park, Spider Plant can also be used as a border or listing on a garden. As long as you know spider plant care, it can be arranged so it has artistic value. Many garden designers use Spider Plant as their artificial garden decoration. Spider Plant is perfect for minimalist garden decorations and tropical gardens. Anyway, do you know how to propagate spider plant? Today’s article is about everything you need to know about this plant.

How to Propegate Spider Plant

Spider Plant shapes like grass but has a beautiful color. The leaves are curved like spider legs. The length of the leaves is about 10 cm to 15 cm, with a leaf width of 5 cm. There are 2 types of Spider Plant, which are plain green and plain white with a green line in the middle. Another uniqueness of the Spider Plant is that the Spider Plant has long and elastic roots like wire, the longer the Spider Plant root will elongate and come out of the pot. The roots of a spider plant will emerge a child from the Spider Plant.

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Propagate the spider plant is a good way to increase the collection of the houseplants without spending more money. Plus, diy rooting medium for spider plant is easy. The choice is yours because you can plant it on the soil or in the water. But first, you should know how to get spider plant babies. Once the plantlets grow new roots, then you can pot the spider plant babies.

How to Split a Spider Plant

It doesn’t require special skill because it is easy to divide a spider plant. Remove the plant from the pot and you can see the roots. Wash the roots with running water so you can see it better. Cut the damage roots and decide how many plants you can grow from the remaining roots. You need to use sharp knife to cut the roots. Cut the roots in several part and repot them in one pot at a time. That is how to split a spider plant properly and plant the baby roots in the soil is the easiest method.

How to Split a Spider Plant

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Other than that, you can root the spider plant in water. For this method, you need to stick the spiderette in a cup of water for two weeks until its roots are seen. Once the plant rooted, move the spiderette in a pot of soil. For some people, they don’t need enough time to stick the roots in the water and then move it to the pot so they just plant the babies in the soil directly.

How fast do spider plants grow? Sometimes they grow very fast but sometimes the spider plant babies no roots at all. should i cut the babies off my spider plant? Wait, if the babies have no roots and you see the tiny nubs, just wait until they are mature so you can decide whether it is ready to be propagated or you can cut them off. And if you find out that the spider plant is limp and it looks yellowing, it means that the plant has too much direct sunlight.

spider plant is limp and it looks yellowing

Spider Plant are plants that like a slightly moist and wet but not stagnant, Spider Plant actually can live both in the lowlands and highlands that have a fairly cold temperature, but ideally in some references say that this plant is suitable at daytime temperatures around 750 F-850F and at night around 650F-700F. However, Spider Plant plants are not fussy plants in terms of temperature, regardless to air temperatures in the environment Spider Plant can still grow well and fertile.

A Good Growing Medium For Spider Plant

From various expressions of plant lovers and Spider Plant experts including those from writing sources in various media it can be concluded that the best Spider Plant planting media is to use a mixture of compost garden soil, sand and manure, each with a 1: 1 dose, except fertilizer enclosure sufficient to use 0.5 parts only.

Good Growing Medium For Spider Plant

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To increase the fertility of this Spider Plant it’s good every one kilo of the planting medium is mixed with 2 tablespoons of bone powder, Spider Plant planting media must always be in a moist condition because Spider Plant likes moist media but should not be flooded with water.

How To Fertilize Spider Plant

Spider Plant fertilization should be done during the rainy season and done a maximum of once a month, Spider Plant plants should not be fertilized too often, fertilization should also not be done after making a fuss or replacing planting media or fertilizing new plants. Now you know how to propagate spider plant and take care of the babies plant correctly.

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