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How to Grow Butternut Squash_

xboomgardens.com. Honey Pumpkin or well-known as Butternut Squash is in vogue at the moment. Fruit that is often considered a vegetable is still a family with yellow pumpkin, melons, and cucumbers. Butternut Squash has hard skin, soft orange flesh, and is shaped like a large bean. Initially, Butternut Squash is cultivated overseas such as Australia, Europe and New Zealand. At the beginning of its popularity in 2013, the price of Butternut Squash was still high. At that time, Butternut Squash sold domestically was imported from Australia. Now, many people who are starting to cultivate Butternut Squash see a high opportunity to be supplied to the modern market. If you want to know how to grow butternut squash, today’s the right time!

How to Grow Butternut Squash

There are many options you can try when it comes about growing organic butternut squash. Some people growing butternut squash vertically, others growing butternut squash in containers, and if you want to do what experts do, you can try growing butternut squash in polytunnel. Oh, growing butternut squash in raised beds is also one of the best DIY gardening project you can do.

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growing butternut squash vertically

Growing Butternut Squash Vertically

When it comes about gardening, sometimes the space is not your friend. Vertical garden is the answer of how to grow butternut squash in small space so you can use the rest of the spaces to grow butternut squash companion plants. Build one-piece trellis on a strong fence. Plant the butternut squash and make sure it has enough distance to grow upwards. Tie the soft plant up to help them grow in the right direction.

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growing butternut squash vertically

Growing Butternut Squash in Containers

You can use containers or box to grow this plant. How to grow butternut squash plants in the containers is simple because you just need the right box that has at least 20-inch depth with 20-inch across. Make holes as the drainage then fill it with potting soil. Place the container againts fence that exposed by direct sunlight so the squash will grow. The fence is the medium where the plant will grow vertically.

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How to Grow Butternut Squash from Fresh Seeds

How to grow butternut squash from fresh seeds is easy as long as you plant it in the warm soil because the butternut squash seeds will not germinate on cold soil. Then, start planting the seeds indoors for 3 weeks. Plant seeds at a depth of about 2.5 cm. Keep the soil moist until it is time to move into a larger area. If you want to plant it directly then plant the seeds in the fields that have been plowed. Butternut Squash can grow well if planted on hilly terrain. Make a heap of about 7.6 cm high for each Butternut Squash. Dig holes around 2.5 cm in each hill and plant 4-5 seeds per holes. Cover the seeds with soil and gently press. That is how to plant butternut tree seeds.

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How to grow butternut squash from fresh seeds
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Butternut Squash Growing Problems

During the development, you might encounter some butternut squash growing problems such as the poor pollination. It shows some indicators, like young fruits that turn into yellow and fall of the vine. It happens because it lacks of pollinators, primarily bees, that have a huge role in keeping the plant grow healthy. Each plant has male and female blooms where the female blooms need to get pollen from the males to produce fruits. If the bees aren’t there to collect pollen from the male to transport to the female, then you can grow healthy fruits. That’s why you need to plant bee-friendly flowers to attrace the pollinators and help the butternut squash grow.

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Other problems that similar with the poor pollination that makes the young fruit drop is drought conditions that caused by insufficient calcium in the soil. Make sure that you water the plants regularly and use the best fertilizer to provide enough nutrients for the plants.

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When to Harvest The Butternut Squash

I know that sometimes people are impatient and they want to harvest the butternut squash as soon as possible. When to harvest butternut squash? Of course you need to wait until the Butternut Squash has riped. Flick your hand nails on the fruits, if it’s not clinking then it’s a sign that the Butternut Squash is riped. If you wait too long to be harvested, it will cause faster decay. Riped Butternut Squash are ready to be harvested. Cut the Butternut Squash that is creeping. Use a sharp knife. Rinse the dirt off the surface of the skin. Store fruit that has been picked in a cool, dry place. Butternut squash can last up to several months.

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When to Harvest The Butternut Squash
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Once you know how to grow butternut squash plant, the growing method, and its problem, it is time to grab your shovel and start to work on the seeds!

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