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How to Grow Asparagus from Seed in Raised Bed How to Grow Asparagus from Seed Asparagus is one of the most delicious foods groceries that you can cook with various recipes. You can make oven-roasted, soup, or just make it as the side dish to complement the main course. In fact, the fresh-picked spears are more tasty and tender than the one you buy from the groceries store. It is not surprising that many people decide to grow Asparagus in their garden where they can fresh-picked their own food material. There are different ways to grow asparagus; you can start it from the seed or transplanting asparagus. But we suggest to choose seed-grown the plants as there are many benefits you can get. How to grow asparagus from seed? You might ask that and you are on the right page to get the answer!

How to Grow Asparagus from Seed?

This seed-grown plants might takes your time but in the long terms, but it is always give you better result even though you need to wait more. First, the seed-grown asparagus won’t suffer from the transplant trauma just like the nursery-grown roots. Also, the plants will out-produce the same asparagus that started from the roots or using transplant method. And when it comes about the price, you can buy a packet of asparagus seed with the same price with the asparagus crown. Other than that, by growing asparagus from the seed will give you freedom to choose the all-male bed and discard the female asparagus plant in order to maximize the production of your garden. Now let’s talk about the stages of growing asparagus.

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How to Grow Asparagus from Seed in Raised Beds

This article will not tell you about how to grow asparagus from stalk because our main goal is to grow high-quality result. Oh, we forget to mention that asparagus is perennial, which means that once it works, you will get better result every year. So, the there are some stages of growing asparagus, the first one is starting the seeds. You can purchase the purple asparagus seeds, which is the most expensive variety that is also known as ‘Purple Passion’. You need to soak the seeds at least 24 hours before direct sow asparagus seeds. Prior to that, it would be better if you had prepared the soil. You can start in flats or peat cups and when the plant is 12-inches tall, you can harden them off outdoor for 5 days.

The planting site is also a crucial factor that will determine whether you succeed or failed. Make sure that you choose the right site which exposed by a lot of sun. Also, you need to build drainage system in order to keep the ground not too wet. Instead, you need to try growing asparagus in raised beds which will keep them dry.

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How to Grow Asparagus in Raised Beds

You need to build 20-sqf bed in order to plant 20 asparagus plants. If you want to plant more than 20 asparagus plants then you need to build more beds. The choice is in your hands as you can build the beds or buy the ready-to-use beds, which might cost you more in the process. Keep in mind that the asparagus bed should be enough to give at least 2-feet apart space from one to another. And you need provide enough space for 2 rows with 4-foot wide bed.

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Also, make sure that the beds are able to plant 6-inches deep the asparagus that you have planted in flats or peat cups before. The next thing you should do is to lay the crowns 1-foot apart and spread the roots around. You can finish this step by covering the plants with at least 2-inches of soil. As the plants grow, you can add the soil until it fills the whole beds. Voila! Growing asparagus in raised beds turn out to be easy.

Harvesting Asparagus Seeds

As what we mentioned before, the seed-growing asparagus takes time. It needs at least 3 years to reach the mature age before you harvesting asparagus seeds you have planted. So, we suggest you not to harvest asparagus stalk in the first even though you have the urge to harvest the asparagus. In the second year, it is okay if you want to harvest the asparagus but only in small portion. Make sure you don’t over-harvesting the plants or it won’t give you the amount of production you imagined.

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How to Harvest Asparagus

When the spear appears in spring, you can harvest them simply by cutting the spears at the ground level. Please be careful in selecting which spears that can be harvested. If any of spears grow up to 10-inches tall in height, you don’t need to cut if off. Let it grow in order to build the root system that gives the plant energy to produce spears next year. Now you know how to grow asparagus from the seeds in raised beds and how to harvest it correctly.

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