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growing tomatoes in small greenhouse
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Tomatoes are the most popular plant to be planted in a greenhouse. If given enough lighting and good temperature, greenhouse owners can harvest their tomatoes twice a year. The indoor condition requires the greenhouse owners to be more careful for the treatment to prevent any diseases and pollinate the tomato flowers. Below are the steps of growing tomatoes in small greenhouse.

Preparation Stage

In the preparation stage, the first thing you have to do is checking the temperature. Tomatoes are best grown in a daytime temperature, which is around 21ºC to 27ºC and in a night temperature which is around 16ºC to 18ºC. Make sure you keep the temperature of your greenhouse several months before you plant tomatoes. You also have to keep the humidity level under 90% to prevent too many leaf fungus. Regularly stream air in your greenhouse to let fresh and dry air get into your green house. Especially on cool and cloudy morning.

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Grow Tomatoes in A Small Greenhouse
Grow Tomatoes in A Small Greenhouse image gardenerspath.com

Once you have prepared the temperature in your greenhouse, you can choose the tomato varieties you want to plant. There are thousands of tomato varieties that you can choose from. Tomatoes which are marketed as greenhouse varieties are obviously more tolerant of greenhouse conditions. If you have a small greenhouse, choose the determinate tomato varieties that stop growing once they have reached certain heights. After that, choose tomato plant media. Tomatoes can grow well in all media that can absorb well. For example, you can use soil-less mixture. But if you wish for an affordable option, you can use pearlite bags or rockwood plates. Next, you are suggested to install an irrigation system.

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Planting Stage

The first planting stage of growing tomatoes in small greenhouse is filling the seed tray with your media filling pot. Wash the tray entirely with water and soap to disinfect it. Fill the tray with all the mixtures that are suitable media for tomato plants. If you are using soil, make sure it is already sterile. Plant each seed in each cup. Make a 6 mm hole into each seed tray. Add one seed to each hole. Cover the hole slowly with the soil. Moisturize with water or diluted nutrient solution. Use water for soil, or nutrient solution for a soil-less mixture. After that, water the soil until it is quite moist. Then, put the tray in a place with warm temperature.

Those are the steps of growing tomatoes in small greenhouse. You can also build a greenhouse cheap to have your own tomato garden.

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