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1. Fast Growing Ground Cover for Slopes

xboomgardens.com. Having a small backyard at your home would give you many benefits because you get extra space for outdoor activity. But sometimes it gives you pain in the back as some parts of the yard are slopes area that would look like a landslide disaster during the rainfall. That is when you know that you need fast growing ground cover for slopes in order to keep the vicinity clean and clear.

Best Fast Growing Ground Cover for Slopes and Hills

I know that it is impossible to plant a tree or flowers, so you need something different to cover the slopes in order to prevent erosion. Lucky for you, this time we have suitable suggestion about the ground cover plants for steep slopes that will help you overcome this issue.

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Rockspray Cotoneaster

2. Rockspray Cotoneaster

This one is suitable for those who have a slope with a lot of sun. It is okay to plant the grass but let’s just think about the Cotoneaster that gives you not only the erosion control and protection but also the beauty of its red berries which also a wonderful bonus! Rockspray Cotoneaster is the best ground cover for slopes full sun because its roots will help to stabilize the ground on the slope thanks to its roots that contact with the soil. Also, the Cotoneaster is not growing too tall, only 3 feet max, which is also easy to maintain.

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3. Forsythia

Another fast growing ground cover for slopes that grow horizontally and cover the whole area beautifully is the Forsythia. This plant is a real magic because it helps to prevent erosion too. It has tough roots that will grip tightly to the ground, making the soil is more solid and retains the strength. This plant is growing fast and a little bit tall as it could grow for more than 5 feet tall.

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Creeping Myrtle

4. Creeping Myrtle

If you are looking for the ground cover for shady slopes, the Creeping Myrtle is here to stay. Also, it is drought tolerant ground cover for slopes which least accessible for the homeowners so they don’t have to think too much about watering the Creeping Myrtle. It is a win-win solution to choose this plant because you can overcome the issue without having to deal about another one.

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Creeping Junipers

3. Forsythia

It is the sibling of Creeping Myrtle which is suitable for the ground cover for slopes low maintenance because you don’t need to water the plant regularly and it is generally grow no more than 1 foot so, no need to cut it weekly. The best part about the Creeping Junipers is that they are evergreen that will turn your dust soil-y ground into a bright green color for the whole year-round.

Black Mondo Grass

5. Black Mondo Grass

The Black Mondo Grass is one of the best fast growing ground cover for slopes that tolerant of sun and it grows well in a partial shade area too. The grass looks awesome thanks to its striking black tone on its blades. So, if you want to change the look on the slopes into something amazing, you can pair the Black Mondo Grass with the other plants, such as the Stonecrop because its gold color of the leaves will create a beautiful contrast with the Black Mondo Grass.

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Creeping Phlox

6. Creeping Phlox

If you want something that will steal attention when the Spring comes, Creeping Phlox will give a bright purple and white color thanks to its beautiful flowers. This plant grows for about 6 inches and doesn’t require any specific maintenance. Plus, it is good for controlling erosion in a slope area.

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Japanese Spurge

7. Japanese Spurge

Similar to Creeping Myrtle, the Japanese Spurge is evergreen that will be perfect for the shady area. It grows up to 6 inches tall and has beautiful white flowers when it blossoms that add a plus value for you. And even though it hasn’t blossom yet, this evergreen plant has leathery look that also add value to the surrounding.

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Spotted Dead Nettle

8. Spotted Dead Nettle

This one has similar advantage with the Japanese Spurge thanks to its leathery leaves and beauty little flowers. But instead of white, the flowers have purplish tone, which gives better contrast to the vicinity. It is good as the ground cover for shady slopes because it doesn’t require too much sunlight to grow.

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Border Grass

9. Border Grass

As it comes from the Lily family, it is not surprising that the Border Grass look alike its parent. It has striking color when it blooms thanks to the flower spikes. It grows to 1 foot tall and needs regular watering to keep it fresh. Also, it could grow in partial shade area with limited sunlight exposure.

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Those are the fast growing ground cover for slopes that would be suitable for different ground condition. Make sure you understand each the plant’s need to make sure they are growing fine.

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