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Fall Gardening Tips Are you about to hang up your garden hoe?

Fall is the season when most fair weather gardeners retire their garden tools at least until the next spring. But there are still ways you can enjoy the invigorating activity that is gardening even in the autumn.

Here are some fall gardening tips you might find really useful…

It’s the season to divide and multiply!

Many perennial vegetables and plants can be divided in the fall. Dividing mature perennials will make them healthier and encourage them to produce multiple plants out of just a single one. Do a bit of research to find out which perennial plants can be divided in the fall.

Generally, when dividing perennials, the plant must first be watered thoroughly and then the whole plant must be dug out of the ground with the roots still intact. The root ball should then be divided into smaller plants – a sharp tool can be used to do this. The smaller plants should be replanted immediately and then watered.

Take advantage of great nursery deals.

Take advantage of great nursery deals.

Fall is the best time to plant or transplant shrubs, trees and other perennial plants – even better than springtime. The soil during fall tends to be warmer which is good for the growth of roots and there is not the potential of a long and dry season facing the young plants. A lot of nurseries discount nursery stock including their remaining container-grown plants to avoid overwintering or simply to make way for Halloween pumpkins and Christmas trees. Some nurseries may even allow you to haggle so you can get an even better price for nursery stock.

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Get the best prices on garden tools!

If you have gardening tools that need replacing, the best time of the year to shop around is in the fall. You are likely to find the best deals on gardening equipment and tools during this time of the year – except maybe for snow blowers and snow shovels.

Fall is the time to tune up and put away equipment and tools.

Your garden tools can last for many years if you know how to care for them. Since autumn is the tamest time of the year for gardening, take advantage of this season to give your equipment and tools some loving care.

A great garden tool cleaner you can find in your home is aluminum foil. Just make a scrub pad out of the aluminum foil and use that to remove the dirt and rust from your metal gardening tools like shovel and hoe. After using the aluminum pad as scrub, you can use that to sharpen your garden sheers and pruners. Just cut through the aluminum foil pad a few times to sharpen them.

Oil the metal surfaces of your tools then cover or put them in a plastic bag. Put leftover summer charcoal inside the bag; this will keep the tools from rusting.

Your gas-powered equipment should also be thoroughly cleaned. Change the oil and air and fuel filters. It is also recommended to keep the equipment filled with stabilized gasoline.

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Build a compost pile and mulch in the fall.

Expect all sorts of garden debris to pile up during this season, especially leaves and pumpkins. You can also find discounted bales of straw after Halloween and Thanksgiving. Straw makes a great addition to your compost pile and it can also be used as mulch.

Speaking of mulching, doing this in the fall – with materials like straw, compost, wood chips and other organic materials – helps retain ground moisture and protect the plants underneath.

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