No ratings yet. Making frittata? Don’t throw those egg shells away. Eggs are a staple food for many families and almost daily, eggs are used in preparing many different kinds of dish or treats. If you often use eggs in your kitchen, it’s good to know there are interesting and useful ways you can reuse them in your garden.

crushed egg shells

Fortify your plants

There are some plants like tomatoes and eggplants that need lots of calcium to protect them from diseases such as blossom end rot. If you are transplanting seedlings, before you put them in the planting hole, sprinkle crushed eggshells to the bottom first. The eggshells will provide the growing crops and soil with calcium as they break down. (Note: proper watering can prevent calcium deficiency in plants). 

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Pest control

Crushed eggshells sprinkled around the perimeter of plants can deter those pesky cutworms, slugs and snails. Cutworms in particular are so damaging as they severe seedling stems near the soil. The eggshells cut through the soft undersides of these slithering pests forcing them to leave your plants alone.

crushed eggshells for plants
crushed eggshells for plants

Start seedlings.

Choose mostly intact shells, rinse them and carefully make a hole at the bottom of each for drainage. Add potting soil and a seed or two. Place the eggshell ‘pots’ in an egg carton and wait until the seedlings are ready for transplant. When you transplant the seedlings, crack the shells a bit and simply stick shells and seedlings into the soil. 

Add to your compost.

The eggshells will add calcium and other nutrients to your compost, making for a well-fertilized garden. 

Treat for the birds.

Listening to the musical chirping of birds as you garden adds to the relaxing feeling you get as you work close to nature. If you’re feeding birds, give them crushed up eggshells as a nutritious treat. Mama bird will appreciate it a lot because she will need the calcium before and after laying her eggs. 

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Aside from the eggshells, you can also use boiled egg water to build up your garden soil. 

Bonus: Other uses of eggshells other than in the garden.

Eggshells in Your Garden
Eggshells in Your Garden
  • Crushed eggshells can be used as abrasive to clean stainless steel sinks, pots, etc.
  • You can unclog drains by putting ground eggshells in your kitchen sink strainer. The shells trap more solids and as they break down, they will clean the pipes on their way out.
  • Adding crushed eggshells to ground coffee prior to brewing it will make the coffee taste sweeter or at least not so bitter. The shells also help with the acidity in the coffee. You can then add the spent coffee grounds and shell into your compost.
  • To soothe minor skin irritations or itchiness, drop an eggshell into a small container of apple cider vinegar. Let the shell soak for 2 days then dab the mixture on the problem area.
  • You can use eggshells as a calcium supplement for your pets. Dry the shells thoroughly by heating them in a 250-degree oven for 30 minutes. Crush the eggshells into fine powder (you can do this by placing the shells in a Ziploc bag and crushing them with a roller pin). Add the fine powder to your dog’s food. The calcium from the shells helps with your pet’s bones and teeth.

How to: Use Eggshells in the Garden (5 Quick Tips)

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