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Container Gardening Idea – Build A Vertical Garden Using Plastic Bottles

xboomgardens.com. Space. This is one of the biggest hindrances for people in urban places which keep them from really starting a garden and start growing their own food. But with this idea by Prof. Willem Van Cotthem which makes use of plastic bottles to build a true kitchen garden where you can plant herbs and leafy vegetables, the problem with space can be solved.

Container Gardening Idea
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Container Gardening Idea

Watch his video made by Prof. Cotthem showing how to build a bottle tower garden

Prof. Cotthem’s idea is really good, it resolves the problem with space that many people have. It offers convenience for many gardeners because it allows for the construction of a garden that is easy to manage – no weed, no bending, less pest problems, less water requirement. And of course, it is more environmentally friendly because plastic bottles are reused thus it keeps them off landfills.

However, there are concerns about whether it is safe to use plastic bottles as planters. The professor addressed that concern in his blog here.

You can also read the article about using plastic containers as planters and pots published in this very site. Read the article here.

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Professor Cotthem also posted the instructions on his blog in a series of pictures. See it here.

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