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How to Build a Mini Greenhouse Using Picture Frames

xboomgardens.com. Do not stop yourself from growing plants just because you don’t have enough space to build a general greenhouse. Actually, you can build a mini greenhouse which is easier and cheaper than the regular one. This is a great idea to add decorative greenery in your place. Here is how to make it.

1. Collect the Frames

In order to make this mini greenhouse, you must collect eight frames with equivalent glass. The sizes are below:

Four frames of 5 x 7 inches

Two frames of 8 x 10 inches

Two frames of 11 x 14 inches

You can purchase these frames easily at a local grocery store or art store. Or, you can always choose to build it from used ones. After collecting it, rub sandpaper on all of them to clean it from paint and unwanted texture.

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2. Build the Central Structure

In order to form the central structure, you can align one frame with size 8 x 10 inches with the one of 11 x 14 inches. Adjoin the 11 inches side to the 10 inches side. Put them together by placing the back side of 10 inches frame onto the edge of 11 inches frame. You need to secure the joint by drilling a hole and a screw. Do the same for the left 8 x 10 inches frame and 11 x 14 inches frame in order to form a rectangle.

3. Make the Roof

On this how to build a mini greenhouse guide, you can make the roof by joining the remaining four frames. After one by one attaching two frames, you use them to construct a triangle roof. Do not forget to attach a hinge, so you can have access to water the plants later.

Place the short side of the frame near the other short side of another frame. In order to secure the joint frame, you can screw mending plates at each end. After doing the same for the other two frames, you can place them to form 90 degree angle.

4. Attaching the Roof

Fill the triangular sides of the roof with appropriate material like the back of the large frames, foam, or plywood. When joining the roof onto the central structure, you need to attach two hinges at even space. This will be the opening to the greenhouse, where you can control the plants and water it.

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5. Finishing

You should eliminate the gaps at the ends of the rooftop by applying a suitable filler. The last step to build a mini greenhouse, you can paint and decor the greenhouse as you preferred. Afterward, you can re-attach the glass to its frame using hot glue. If you don’t like the glass, you can choose to use plastic instead. If you understand the concept of this method, you can even use it to build 4 tier mini greenhouse.


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