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xboomgardens.com. Roses are red, violets are blue. This poem makes no sense, yep, it is true! Anyway, rose is one of the most popular flowers in the world that also has a romantic value for human. It is the symbol of love, they said. I don’t know about you but the average human get at least a rose flower once in their life. And it is okay if you haven’t got any, you can plant it on your backyard. It is easier than you think because you can grow it on a pot and as long as it gets enough sunlight, it grows successfully. But first, you need to know the best time to plant roses!

2. how to make roses grow bigger

The Best Time to Plant Roses

The best time to plant roses is in the early spring in order to enjoy the beauty of this plant in the summer. Growing a rose is easy and everything is about the timing. You need to make sure that the last frost has ended before planting them bare root or else you won’t get any blooms in the summer. Doing so will give the plant time to burrow the roots into the soil. can you plant roses in the fall? It is okay to plant the roses in the fall, at least you have 6 weeks left before the average frost in your region.

3. can you plant roses in the fall

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If you want to know the details, it would be better to plant them on cloudy day. Planting roses in hot summer day will make the plants stress and the heat will make the leaves shriveled. Actually, it is not just roses as it happens to other plants. Oh, the bare root roses need to be planted as soon as you bring them home. Meanwhile the roses that grow in the containers are more flexible as you can start to grow them whenever you want.

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Caring for Roses

You might wonder where to plant roses sun or shade, whether sun or shade is okay but the roses prefer sunny spot as they need the sun to photosynthesis and obtain optimal growth. The plant needs at least 8-hours of sunlight every day. Where to plant roses in the garden? If you plant them in a pot, you can put on a shady area with a little bit sunlight exposure. And it is okay if you plant the bare root roses in full sunny spot as they grow better in that area.

where to plant roses in the garden

Rose Plant Care in A Pots

Rose plant care in a pots is very easy and it doesn’t need a lot of effort as long as you know the art of caring for roses. First, you need to make sure that the pot has drainage holes so you are not overwatering the plant. Second, you need to use the best compost for roses. But you only give monthly applications for the compost in order to get impressive show of flowers in the next blooms season. You can add slow release fertilizers that have the perfect balance of potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Keep in mind to give enough fertilizer during the first stage of plant’s life.

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5. Rose plant care in a pots

If you put the roses indoors, you can put them in the spot that has enough light but not direct sunlight, especially if you live in the tropical area. It loves light, but not too much. And during the growth periods, you need to give them liquid fertilizer once a week and stop it during the flowering season. The best part about indoor roses is that you can light prune it to produce new leaves and flowers again and again. That is how to care for roses indoors or potted roses in the patio.

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How to Make Roses Grow Bigger

Some people want to know how to make roses grow bigger and healthy but couldn’t find the answer. The key to get make the roses grow bigger is choosing the climbing rose varieties based on your climate area. Plant the climbing roses in sunny spot and tip the plant toward the structure during the planting. The canes will cling naturally to the structure even though others need your hands to cling to the structure you wish them to climb.

6. how to make roses grow bigger

Give them enough water and fertilizer in the first stage of their live. For the fertilizer, apply it twice a year and always to water them after giving fertilizer. Avoid pruning during the first year of its live and wait for about 2 or three years so they develop strong canes. Trimming only dead flowers and stems and in the third year, and then prune them during winter.

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Now you know the basic rose plant care in a pots and bare root roses and when the best time to plant roses. Feel free to leave the question in the comment section if you want to know something else about planting roses.

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