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Plants that Grow in Water

xboomgardens.com. Other than gardening, decorating the interior of the house is also a great hobby to help you relieve the stress. But when you have those hobbies at once, then you can try indoor garden that will make you happier! Yep, there are some plants that grow in water that you can grow on the vases and put it in the kitchen, desk, or even the TV cabinets as the living decorations. These indoor water plants also add the nature ambience in your house! So, are you ready to get to know to these magical tropical plants that grow in water?

tropical plants that grow in water
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Plants that Grow in Water without Soil

The nature is unique because they have a lot of way to surprise us. When other plants need the soil as the medium to live, these plants choose different path to grow. Instead of absorbing the minerals and nutrients from the soil, some plants use water as medium to take what they need. So, as long as they have the medium, they will live healthy just like other normal plants that grow in the soil. We have two options for those who want to try growing plants in glass bottles, vases, or even a small jar. We can start with Philodendron and Wandering Jew plant!

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Plants that Grow in Water without Soil
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Philodendron in Water

The Philodendron is one of the few plants that grow in water vases that can live in the water permanently. This plant is small, unique, and also brings a fresh look when you put it on your kitchen or desk. Also, growing Philodendron in a jar is simple and the result will change the way you look about gardening. So, here’s the step on how to grow Philodendron in water!

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Philodendron in Water
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Use jar or vase that filled with tap water and let the water sits overnight in order to get rid of the chlorine. I assume that you already got the Philodendron plant, make a cut on the stem just below its leaves. Put the plant in the jar and make sure that the upper leaves are rising above the top of the jar while the leafless stem is under the water.

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Keep it monitored by change the water every 3 days. Don’t forget to put the plant near the window so philodendron gets enough sunlight every day.

Wandering Jew

Another plants that grow underwater is Wandering Jew. This colorful plant is amazing because some people choose this instead of any other kitchen plants that grow in water. The violet, green, and silver colors will make your kitchen set looks perfect as the plant will add more vibrant on there.

Wandering Jew
image via epicgardening.com

The Wandering Jew is one of the few plants that grow in water without soil, but some people use this method only to propagate because in just 24 hours, it grows new roots, leaves sprouts, and the branches too. So, make sure you use big enough container before you plant Wandering Jew. When the container is ready, cut above the highest leaf on the plant and snip off the lowest set of leaves. Put it on the container and a new life will come up soon in just one night!

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Of course, there are so many options of plants that grow in water that you can try, such as Begonia, Peace Lilly, Pothos, Paper White, Rosemary, Chinese Evergreen, English Ivy, Spider Plant, Moses in the Cradle Plant, Arrowhead, Coleus, and others that grow in water.

Growing Vegetables in Water

It is not just a regular plant as you can try to grow vegetables in the water too. The method is the same, without using hydroponic technique, only with vases or bottle. I think it is magic that we can re-grow some veggies so when you need them in a few weeks, you just need to cut and use them as food ingredients. Let’s try growing vegetables in water with just water container, small jar, or vase!

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You can let the celery to grow in the water by cutting the stalks. Place the base in the small jar with just small amount of water. The new stalk will start to grow from the center.

Celery in water
image frugalminimalistkitchen.com

Green Onions

Start by cutting the green part and put the white stalk with the roots in a small jar of water. The stalk will re-grow on that green section that you just cut off.

Green Onions in water
image via balconygardenweb.com

Bok Choy

Do not throw away the bottom of the stalk once you cut off the leaves and use them for the dish. Put the stalk on the small bowl of water and the new growth will appear very soon.

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Bok Choy in water
image via cflorganics.com

Get Vegetable Seeds Here

Get Vegetable Seeds Here

Basically, you can use the same method to other veggies, such as Leeks, Cabbage, Fennel, Carrot Greens, Lettuce, Garlic Chives, and Lemon Grass. Now, it is up to you to grow the kitchen plants that grow in the water.

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